Hello and welcome to Organic in Kenora.

My name is Linda Thompson and I am a health and wellness entrepreneur, a cancer survivor and a grandparent to 7 lovely grandchildren.

My goal with this website is to provide you with some valuable resources that will help you detoxify your life.  There are so many dangerous synthetic chemicals in products that we use everyday, that we are completely unaware of.

I was MADE aware of some of these chemicals after my cancer treatment in 2010 when I became extra sensitive to synthetic chemicals in my skin care products (especially the formaldehyde donating ingredients and the cancer-causers).  In fact, it has been estimated that the average woman uses between 168 and 515 different synthetic chemicals every single day.

And some of these chemicals are known irritants and suspected and known toxins like 1,4-dioxane, SLES, DMDM, fragrance and parabens.

Since surviving cancer, I have since switched all of my skin care and personal care products to a certified organic brand, and I am working on cleaning up my lifestyle and helping others to do the same.