About Me

Hi Everyone!

I'm Linda Thompson, retired from my full time insurance broker position, a mother, grandmother and a few years back, I won the lottery...

linda thomspon organic in kenora

...No, not the money lottery, but I did get your attention, didn't I?

I won the cancer lottery, breast cancer actually.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

After the subsequent treatment, my skin became very sensitive to chemicals and toxins.

For years, I tried products from many different companies that purported to be chemical and toxin free, but my skin would prove that untrue.  In my search, I found Young Living Essential Oils and love these therapeutic oils! However, even Young Living's skin and hair products caused me issues.

As I would learn, there is a HUGE loophole in North American skin care regulations (multiple loopholes, actually) that allow various irritants and potential or even known toxins to be used in our products.

This lead me to making some of my own products. So besides direct selling, I became a DIY Entrepreneur!

Then my daughter messaged me that she had found a certified organic company online called Miessence.


I checked out the website and the ingredients list....I was excited!  Finally, possibly what I've been looking for!

I read everything I could, about their products, mission statement, how they make the products, where they make them...everything.

Why Miessence?

  • Miessence makes their products fresh monthly.
  • They are certified organic by the ACO and the USDA (2 international bodies with the highest standards for organic products worldwide.)
  • They help farms and communities become self-sufficient, sourcing any ingredients from developing nations fair trade.
  • They are also carbon negative (meaning they remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they put in).

I was getting more excited!

I ordered some products to see how my skin would be, since I was still skeptical.  Meantime, I contacted the Representative, who graciously sent me some samples. I loved them!

When I received my order, I checked the ingredients on the bottles, no chemicals.

When I tried Miessence's products, I fell in love!

Since I had never heard of Miessence and their amazing products, I felt I had to be a Direct Seller/Network Marketer of Miessence products so I could tell everyone and share these truly organic products with as many people as I possibly can!

Truly, I can't thank my daughter enough for finding Miessence and my new sponsor!