The Best Skin Care Products for Cancer Patients: Why You Should Go Certified Organic

Cancer Patient - Your Skin Dry

Are you a Cancer patient who is going through Chemo and/or Radiation? Are you interested in the best skin care products for Cancer Patients to help your dry, sore, cracked, red skin? Are you a Cancer Survivor looking for the best skin care products you can use that will help your skin without the worrisome consequences of chemicals and toxins?

Is your skin dry and cracked

Chemo (Chemotherapy) and Radiation treatments are responsible for causing more severe reactions to the skin, than some people realize. Reactions to the skin can be anything from mild redness, to moderate flaking & itching, to severe peeling, seeping and very painful.

Dry skin is an understatement! Intense hydration of the skin is crucial to protect the skin from chemo effects.  The best skin care products for Cancer patients must be gentle without chemicals, which can burn as a reaction to the life-saving medications.  Radiation can cause burning as well so using the best skin care products for Cancer patients would help alot!

Start on protecting your skin before beginning treatment.  Take steps to minimize, as much as possible, any skin problems which may occur by using the best skin care product for Cancer patients. Then continue throughout treatment and afterward with the best skin care products for cancer patients available.

Many oncologists don’t know what products to offer for help with these skin type side effects. Their job is to destroy the cancer cells.  They will advise you that these side effects, and many more, may happen.  You may not even have any side effects.  Not everyone does.  

Other than suggesting St. Margaret’s Mouthwash for mouth sore, and to moisturize with store bought products, if you find you have a dry skin issue, the Oncology Dept, does their best.

Please don't get me wrong, they are all very caring and as helpful as they possibly can be with all the issues which crop up for Cancer patients, and believe me, there can be many! 

So you need to search out the best skin care products for cancer patients on your own!

Are you searching for the best skin care products for cancer patients?

So you are left to search out the best skin care products for cancer patients on your own.

There are so many things to consider when diagnosed with cancer, and most people are shell-shocked at the time!

Your loved ones are completely unaware of some of the important necessities for cancer patients.  Beyond the emotional support for the physical issues, such as nausea and hair loss, or the emotional stress of depression, loved ones are lost.  They have no idea of the importance of the best skin care products for Cancer patients and survivors.

Most people are not thinking of the best skin care products for cancer patients at that point in time actually!

Few of the over-the-counter dry skin remedies can provide the relief required, and they are not chemical free.

How can you find the best skin care products for cancer patients available, without further complications caused by chemicals & toxins to an already complicated & compromised body?

Are you a Cancer Survivor looking to nourish your damaged skin and be as chemical and toxin free as possible?

Well, Miessence has the products you are looking for! 

Miessence Skin Happiness 

Miessence is a Company specializing in Certified Organic products! No chemicals, no toxins. Just 100% Organic materials and ingredients are used.

Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Organics is not just chemical free agriculture. It is about the way the product ingredients have been grown, prepared, processed and packaged.

  • Standards to achieve certification are internationally recognized and are assured through annual audits of all certified operators by an independent third party auditor.
  • Miessence is founded on the principle that only organic is good enough for our bodies and our planet.
  • Many companies highlight natural ingredients, but to be sure that you are using truly organic products, look to see if the manufacturer can prove that it is certified organic.
  • Miessence is the first nutritional, health and well-being company in the world to offer an extensive range of internationally certified organic products.


Why Is Certified Organic Important?


The only way customers can be assured that they are purchasing genuine organic products, free of synthetic chemicals and GMOs, is to purchase products which have been organically certified with a leading independent certifying body such as:

  • ACO (Australian Certified Organic)
  • USDA(US Department of Agriculture)
  • BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia)
  • IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements)

If you would like to know more about Miessence Organic Certification, please click here.

Personal care products are not required to comply to the same stringent labelling standards that govern organic foods, so it's easy for some companies to label their products "organic".

Once you look at the ingredients, some "organic" products are a far cry from being truly organic, healthy or environmentally friendly at all!

For example, water is the primary ingredient in many cosmetics, so some manufacturers use 'organic aqueous infusions' (which is very watered down teas) to mislead customers into thinking they're "organic", while still using the same synthetic toxic ingredients that would NEVER be allowed in organic food products.

This greenwashing has the potential to destroy consumer confidence in organic products.

To give you confidence, all Miessence products undergo our internal quality control processes which are then all certified organic by international independent bodies.

Our products fall into one of three organic categories:

  • Certified Organic (food grade)
  • Certified Organic (cosmetic)
  • Made With Certified Organic Ingredients - Registered Products

Miessence Soothing Skin Care Products

Sensitive skin requires special care.  These are some of the best skin care products for cancer patients for their soothing facial care needs.

Miessence Soothing Skin Care Products are very gentle, yet very effective to immediately calm and soothe sensitive skin.  They restore and repair the appearance of sensitive, damaged skin while demonstrating significant and lasting effects on skin hydration and smoothness.

Important Note:

The Miessence skin conditioner and moisturizer work hand in hand with the cleanser. The conditioner is a vital step in the Miessence skincare regime and has a twofold purpose:

  1. To feed the skin with nutrients.
  2. To provide a hydration base for the moisturiser to lock in.

To experience maximum benefits apply the Conditioner then apply the Moisturiser while the skin is still damp, before the Conditioner dries. This seals in the hydration the Conditioner provides for your skin to keep your skin soft and plump.

Sunflower Body Wash

An invigorating scent of orange, lemon and lime in our Sunflower bodywash. This great smelling wash is gentle enough for the whole family, offering moisturizing protection of cold pressed sunflower.

Besides being part of the best skin care products for cancer patients, Sunflower Body Wash is a safe alternative to children's bubble bath and baby wash products.

Foaming Hand Wash

Miessence Creamy Hand Wash blends skin nourishing organic aloe vera with the antiseptic and antibacterial power of organic lemon myrtle.  This is such an important consideration, as part of the best skin care products for cancer patients and their families, to keep your cancer patients from being contaminated with outside germs during their compromised time.

Your family will also love the vibrant lemon myrtle scent.

Intensive Body Cream

Protect, nourish and revitalise your skin with our Intensive Body Cream.  It's a wonderful blend of geranium, patchouli with organic shea butter and a concentrated blend of organic avocado & sunflower oils, phospholipids, vitamins and antioxidants and one of the best skin care products for Cancer patients and survivors.

Perfect for restoring and retaining skin moisture, Intensive Body Cream actively promotes elasticity and suppleness.

Barrier Balm

Barrier Balm is a soothing balm that protects and softens dry patches, soothes irritated skin and calms redness. Our Barrier Balm repels moisture and calms minor skin inflammations. It protects from chafing and can soothe chapped skin and lips as well. Barrier Balm can also be used for relieving cuts, scrapes, bites, sun & wind burn. Suitable for the whole family.   What more can you ask for from one of the best skin care products for Cancer patients?

Nourishing Hand Cream

Our Nourishing Hand Cream is an ultra-rich, nourish cream with natural antioxidants that can also help protect the hands from environmental stress.

Organic shea butter and phospholipids keep the hand soft, supple and smooth with a subtle scent of divine organic rose geranium essential oil to soothe the skin.  It is definitely one of our best skin care products for Cancer patients and survivors to use to protect their hands as much as possible.


And lastly, but definitely not in the least, we just want to let you know there are a multitude of Miessence Certified Organic products available to help keep you and your home as chemical & toxin free as possible.


Great Certified Organic Deodrant

Aroma Free Roll-on Deodorant 

Stay naturally fresh all day with Aroma Free roll-on deodorant.  Free from aluminium compounds and chemical antiperspirants, this deodorant is the best skin care product for cancer patients. No burning, no adding cancern causing chemicals to the lymph nodes under your arms which would be absorbed within seconds!

This deodorant is based on the traditional remedies of milk of magnesia to eliminate odours and aloe vera to soothe. No essential oils for those who prefer aroma-free protection.

Miessence has Chemical Free Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Hair Care, Cosmetics and Household Cleaning products so you can live as Chemical & Toxin Free as you possibly can, to avoid having your body absorb any more cancer causing toxins than it already has!  This is the best news for everyone concerned!  As well, we have Superfood products which are great for building up your energy, helping with sleeping and memory, as well as making you feel all round great!

Certified Organic Products

Miessence certified organic products contain more than 95% certified organic ingredients. The remaining small percentage (up to 5%) must be naturally produced plant or mineral products with strict processing criteria, (e.g. absolutely no GMOs or synthetic chemicals).

Our ingredients are the purest, most potent and freshly extracted natural and organic raw materials on the planet.

We disclose all our ingredients for all products on our website so you may review for your personal purposes in case that you might have a known sensitivity or allergy.

Our research shows there is much deception and greenwashing in the health and beauty industry. Many products claim to be 'natural', and 'organic', but how do you know which products are the real deal?

At Miessence we want our customers to feel safe and cared for.

We want to provide you with the best skin care products for Cancer patients and Cancer survivors!

Here are our claims:

  • 100% guaranteed integrity – all our products are certified to independent third-party organic standards (ACO, USDA, BFA).
  • 100% pure - no toxic synthetics in any of our products.
  • 100% beneficial – every ingredient is beneficial for you, your skin and the planet.
  • 100% potent – 100% active ingredients, no fillers or bulking agents.
  • Cold formulation – protects the potency, vitality and freshness of our ingredients to ensure bio-available nutrients are delivered to your skin for maximum effect.
  • No tap water – we use organic aloe vera juice as our base.
  • Hand made fresh monthly – delivered directly to your door.

Compare Miessence products to any other brand. We know you won't find anything else like them!

Come join our Miessence family and purchase your products today!

If you'd like to know more about what chemicals might be found in your skin care, hair care, oral care, and household products, then take a look at our toxic ingredient glossary, you just might be shocked.

If you'd like to know more about what chemicals might be found in your skin care, hair care, oral care, and household products, then take a look at our toxic ingredient glossary, you just might be shocked.

Did you get any insight from this article concerning the best skin care products for Cancer patients?  Please Note:   Some people may have allergies or sensitivities to some of the Certified Organic Ingredients used in our products.  Please review the Ingredient lists for each product, if this may be an issue.

Please comment below, share this blog with others, and get an extra special discount plus some organic products to try out!


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