Top Cancer Fighting Superfoods – Are You interested in Certified Organic Anti-Cancer Superfoods?

Superfoods to fight cancer

Cancer is recognized worldwide to be a major health problem affecting millions of people each year.  In Canada alone, the statistics on your chances of contracting cancer is 1 in 2.5 for women and 1 in 2.2 for men.

The chance of dying from cancer in women is 1 in 4.2 while in men, its 1 in 3.5.  This is high!  One of he main reason for such a high mortality rate is due to abnormal behaviors cells, resulting in cancer cell progression, tumor growth and metastasis.

This is not acceptable!  We must reduce the chance of getting cancer in the first place or once having it, not to have it again or to have it metastasis by eating cancer fighting superfoods.

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Are You Eating Enough Cancer Fighting Superfoods?

Superfood vegetables for cancer fighting

10 Cancer Fighting Superfoods to Be Eaten Daily

The top 10 Cancer Fighting Superfoods to be eaten on a daily basis are:

  • Blueberries
  • Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  • Broccoli
  • Yogurt
  • Flaxseed
  • Legumes
  • Carotenoids & Bioflavonoids
  • Curcumin
  • Resveratrol
Blueberries - Cancer fighting Superfood


Blueberries have more antioxidants that can help prevent alotof issues, making this fruit one of the top cancer fighting superfoods.

The antioxidant guards against heart disease, cancer and age-related blindness and memory loss.  The antioxidant, epicatechins, also keeps the bacteria from sticking to bladder walls.

Garlic - Cancer fighting superfood


Garlic has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Most of its disease fighting potential comes from its sulfur compounds. This act as antioxidants, providing many of its cardiovascular benefits. Just six or more cloves of garlic a week can slash your risk of colorectal, stomach and prostate cancer in half compared to eating one clove a week or less.

Incorporating at least one garlic clove into your diet every day is the amount to be eaten of this cancer fighting superfood.

Olive oil - cancer fighting superfood

Olive Oil

Studies have shown that olive oil provides a protective effect against certain malignant tumours.

Research studies have shown that olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. Eating a healthy diet with olive oil as the main source of fat could considerably lower cancer incidence. Cell mutations, caused by cancer, are partly due to toxins which, when consumed through the diet, attack DNA. On passing through the liver, these toxins produce free radicals that then attack DNA. To combat such free radicals, the body needs vitamins and antioxidants like those contained in olive oil.

It has also been reported to reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Olive oil also provides protection against cancer of the colon.

Beneficial effects of an olive oil diet reduced the number of cancerous lesions and the tumours were less aggressive.

This beneficial effect could be related to oleic acid, the predominant monounsaturated fatty acid in olive oil. This fatty acid lowers the production of prostaglandins derived from arachidonic acid, which in turn plays a significant part in the production and development of tumours.

Other constituents of olive oil, such as antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols and squalene may also have a positive influence. Squalene is believed to reduce the incidence of melanomas.

You should include approximately 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of olive oil in your diet every day as part of your cancer fighting superfood daily regime.

Broccoli - cancer fighting superfood


Broccoli and its sulfur compounds, called sulforaphane, makes it the a super cancer fighting superfood. These compounds signal our genes to boost production of enzymes that detoxify potentially cancer-causing compounds.

yogurt - cancer fighting superfood


The active culture of bacteria in yogurt, called Lactobacillus, helps to fortify the immune system. Studies have shown, yogurt in the diet, triples the internal production of interferon, which the immune system uses against tumor cells. Yogurt has also been shown to raise the level of natural killer cells.

Yogurt has also been proven to slow down the growth of tumor cells in the GI tract and is able to improve the immune system's ability to destroy active tumor cells. Avoid sweetened yogurt and only choose ones that state they contain live and active cultures so you get the most out of this cancer fighting superfood.

flaxseed - cancer fighting superfood


Flaxseed is known for its lingans. These block estrogen receptors on cells and contribute to reduced rates of certain hormone related cancers, such as breast cancer. As a cancer fighting superfood, these are great in yogurt or in whole grain breads.


These foods have a unique ability to envelop tumor cells and prevent their growth proving their cancer fighting superfood lot in life.

legumes cancer fighting superfood
Carotenoids cancer fighting superfood

Carotenoids & Bioflavonoids

Carotenoids and bioflavonoids absorb dangerous particles. They stimulate the immune system may be toxic to tumor cells. Carotenoids can be found in green and orange fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, mangos, papaya, spinach and kale. Bioflavonoids are found in citrus, whole grains, honey as well as other plant foods such as celery, parsley, and onions. As you can see, these are all great cancer fighting superfoods!

whole grains cancer fighting superfood
curcumin cancer fighting superfoods


Found in turmeric, curry spices, and in supplement form, curcumin is a fat soluble yellow root that has been used for centuries in India as a medicine, spice and dye.  Studies show that curcumin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties making it one of the cancer fighting superfoods of today!

It can increase an antioxidant, called glutathione, in cells. Curcumin has been shown to be a cancer preventative and adjunctive treatment by inducing cell death in cancer cells.  As curcumin is an anticoagulant, people on blood thinning drugs like Coumadin should talk to their doctors about drug interactions.

red wine cancer fighting superfood


Resveratrol is found in red wine and red grapes, and has an antioxidant polyphenol that is produced in response to injury, stress, infection, or UV radiation. Other food sources of resveratrol include blueberries, cranberries and peanuts. Resveratrol has been found to inhibit cancer cell growth, so red wine has also made the cancer fighting superfoods list.

Whew!  After all that, I may need a glass of red wine!

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The Best Alternative Cancer Fighting Superfoods

Well, I bet some of you were surprised, especially on the last cancer fighting superfood choice, weren't you?  Thought it was just for heart health, right?

And do you think you could check off each one of these on a daily basis?  No? I know I couldn't!

Then let's look at the best alternative Certified Organic products on the market:

Miessence Superfood Supplements

InLiving Probiotic Cancer fighting superfood

InLiven Probiotic Superfood

Recent studies have shown that probiotics are helpful for strong immunities. Probiotics can also improve gut infections and reduce production of toxic by-products in the bowel.  It is also known to produce cancer or tumour suppressing compounds.

Why InLiven?

Well, it's good you ask.  InLiven has been produced after 20 years of research into the Lactobacilli bacteria. It has been subjected to heat, cold, chlorine, salt, alcohol and many preservatives found in food, resulting in avery strong Lactobacilli unlike any other, so it's great as a cancer fighting superfood.

Our InLiven Superfood contains the complete Lactobacillus family of 13 strains combined with 26 certified organic whole foods naturally fermented for 3 weeks prior to bottling.

Unlike some other probiotics, the bacteria used by InLiven is produced from fruits and vegetables and not fast-tracked from fecal matter.

Testimonials of InLiven:

In August my dad had a partial bowel removal because of cancer and was fitted with a temporary colostomy bag. Once dad came home from hospital I started him on one teaspoon of In-liven per day and his appetite improved within a week. When dad went for a checkup to see how his bowel was healing they found it had healed up very well and no abnormalities were found. We were told by the doctors that dad would have the colostomy bag in anywhere between 3-6 months and it was a miracle that after 2 months and 2 weeks his colostomy bag was removed. I knew there was more than one reason why I use this wonderful product and why I became an Independent Rep. I will be forever grateful. Giosetta O. Nollamara, Western Australia

A few days ago, after hearing Czerral on the conference call, we started using In-Liven. I tossed a little (less than a quarter teaspoon) into Storm's (almost 13, 110lb Japanese Akita) bowl. Surprisingly, she loves the stuff! At over 12.5 years, she's been showing signs of decline with her hips - her legs were almost in a squat position when she stood to eat her meals. For the next 3 days, her legs were in almost normal standing position when she ate... and more importantly, her tail was curling more frequently than it has been for months! And while she still continues to enjoy her daily walk, she seems to be more energetic and adventurous, wandering off the beaten path. Her eyes are also brighter than they have been for a while. I'm really curious if anyone else is having this small miracle occurring elsewhere?! I know I feel more alert since I started the In-Liven - but you can chalk that up to plain ol' psychology, placebo effect. However, with a dog, I don't think the placebo reasoning flies! 
Suzanne C. and Ryan B. Surrey, BC, Canada.

BerryRadical cancer fighting superfood

BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood

Antioxidants counteract the affects of free radicals in our bodies. Oxidation occurs when free radicals, which are highly reactive, high energy particles, react with essential molecules including DNA, fats and proteins.

Free radicals are believed to accelerate the progression of cancer. Antioxidants, primarily carotenoids and polyphenols provide most of the protection required.

BerryRadical contains 9 antioxidant rich ingredients, making it one of the top certified organic antioxidant supplements on the market. One teaspoon provides more than the recommended 7 servings of fruits & vegetables per day.  This is a great cancer fighting superfood supplement.


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Testimonials of BerryRadical

I have been having a sachet of BerryRadical for the past 5 days and I am not imagining it but I am sleeping better and much of the pain in my body has died down and I have more energy.Which is pretty amazing after all I have done to try to achieve these three primary things in health over the past few years. I think, combined with InLiven, I am really onto a winner. BerryRadical feels great in my body, I adore the taste and I look forward to making up my shake each morning. - Wendy

I love the BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood drink. It boosts my energy and I love the bitter taste because I know a lot of other anti-oxidant fruits, like grapefruit, also have a slightly bitter taste to them. That tells me it works.- Chris

DeepGreen Alkalizing Superfoods

Alkaline forming foods are mainly vegetables and some fruit.  Acid forming foods are just about everything else including meat, poulty, milk, cheese, bread, pasta, pastries, snack food, soft drinks and packaged foods.

Alkalizing foods help neutralize toxic acids in the blood and tissues caused by eating acidic foods, stress, excessive exercise, pollutants, drugs, alcohol, coffee and tobacco.  When our bodies are acidic, bad bacteria, viruses and other dreaded organisms can grow. However, when alkalized, the bad bacteria, viruses and other dreaded organisms can't survive!

DeepGreens can detoxify and alkalize your cells, boost your immune system and give you more energy.

As you know, chlorophyll is abundant in all green foods. Chlorophyll's cleansing and healing effects help to detoxify heavy metals from the body.  As well, it stimulates tissue growth and red blood cell production.

If you are like me, you don't get enough enzymes because most of our foods, especially in the winter or on the BBQ in summer are heated and this destroys the enzymes you need.

DeepGreen is freeze dried grass juice, not pulverised grass, which cannot digest well.  This means all the nutrition remains locked into the juices and helps:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve mental clarity & focus
  • increase energy
  • increase anti-tumor activity
  • improve digestive problems
  • improve recovery after exercise
  • stabilize blood sugar levels, blood pressure & cholesterol levels
  • reduce allergy symptoms

Testimonials of DeepGreen Alkalizing Superfoods

My whole family now uses the DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood, I mix that stuff into a lot of dishes to get more greens into our diet. And it's so convenient! My husband drinks the green foods to help relieve his joint pains. - Toni

I can feel that my body misses DeepGreen if I don’t have it every morning. I also give it to my young kids. I certainly recommend this to anyone. - Patrick

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