Why Network Marketing or MLM with Miessence?

Why Network Marketing

Why Network Marketing or MLM for Starters?

Well I will tell you why!  I have been in a few Network Marketing / MLM companies through the years.  I have done it as a convenient way to work when my kids were small, when I moved to a new town, as a way of getting to know people, and I enjoyed the products.

To tell you the truth, all were in the "organic" side of things. However I never stuck to them. Why?  Because I wasn't totally into them.

However the concept of Network Marketing or MLM I have always liked!  To be able to have the freedom to work when I wanted to, spend time with my family, have the opportunity to achieve a higher level of income, and enjoy life was my dream come true!

Mockers will mock

Get a Real Job!

Yup!  I bet you heard this one before?  I certainly have.  Oh and its a pyramid scheme....all of network marketing and MLM opportunities are pyramid schemes!

Mockers will mock as Dani Johnson says!  Let them.  If you are passionate about the products and the company, and are willing to work, let them mock.  Don't let them rent space in your head!

Pyramid Scheme vs Network Marketing What's the Difference?


First of all, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Selling Marketing are all different names for the same thing! We are selling (or sharing as some say) a product to the consumer.

If anyone wants to join me in selling, come join me!  That's great! Why? Because it gets the products out to the consumers and gets the company known.  Avon, as an example, has been around for years.

So, the difference between a pyramid scheme and network marketing is that pyramid schemes are illegal.  Network marketing is not.

Network Marketing is a marketing strategy designed to promote the product through distributors, offering multiple levels of compensation.

Whether you have an office job, sales clerk or construction worker, there are people at the top getting paid more than you, but rely on your good hard work and ethics, or the company will not do well, right?  Pretty much the same concept, except you do have a chance at getting to the top level income earning status.

Pyramid schemes are, however, fraudulent schemes, disguising as an Network Marketing strategy. The difference between a pyramid scheme and a lawful network marketing program is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme, or ponzi scheme. And commissions are based only on the number of new individuals one introduces into the scheme.

Be careful!  There are alot of these get rich quick companies out there!

So now you know the difference between Network Marketing and MLM companies vs Pyramid or Ponzi schemes.

So Why Network Marketing or MLM Business with Miessence?

I was looking and looking for a network marketing or MLM business that sold true organic products that did not have any chemicals. Chemicals and my body were at war!  No longer could I use the store bought products I had for years, without issues.  Even a few network marketing companies that said they were organic, were not truly organic when I received the product and looked at the label.

Then one day, there it was on the internet!  A truly certified organic company with all ingredients that were just organic without chemicals! Miessence!

I researched and reviewed, then I contacted the Representative and questioned her.  Was this for real?  She told me it was and promised to send me some samples of the facial products for me to try.  Ok, but since I had alot of trouble with chemicals, I decided to also place an order for hair products and body wash.

I couldn't wait to get my samples and my order.  When they came in I checked the ingredients on the labels to see if they had any chemicals.  None!  I have used them ever since and became a Representative myself within a couple weeks. Spreading the word, Miessence to everyone I can, and helping people to use less chemicals which will also help our planet out for future generations.

Having determination to find what you are looking for, the drive to go after it, and the passion to continue.....this is what you need for a successful network marketing and MLM business.

Network marketing or MLM businesses are not get rich quick schemes.  Network marketing or MLM business with Miessence isn't a get rich quick scheme either.  You work and do what you can to get the products to the people.

But what about you?  What are you looking for?

Are you concerned about the health and well-being of your family?

Well, let's take a look at Miessence:

  • No organic ingredient enters the production process before it has been officially certified organic and no product leaves the warehouse without it passing our multi-faceted quality control tests.
  • Products are delivered directly to you fresh, within a short time of being made in a unique cold formulation to ensure fully potent living active ingredients.
  • Miessence is the world's first extensive range of internationally certified organic products for skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutrition.
  • The supply chain, manufacturing processes and freight distribution is 110% certified carbon negative. Carbon negative means we offset MORE than we emit in our manufacturing, transportation and promotion processes.
  • The manufacturing plants are solar and wind turbine powered.
  • Organic and wild-harvested ingredients are sourced from certified organic land.
  • In developing countries, sourced organic farmers are fair trade protected, ensuring that they are paid directly and fairly for their harvest. These organic farmers employ organic farming best practice to ensure the on-going health of their land.
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship around the world is encouraged through our independent representative network marketing.


  • Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).
  • Miessence is founded on the principle that only organic is good enough for our bodies and our planet.
  • The ingredients are the purest, most potent and freshly extracted natural and organic raw materials on the planet.
  • All the ingredients for all products are disclosed on the website so you may review for your personal purposes in case that you might have a known sensitivity or allergy.

When was the last time you recommended something you truly believed in and was passionate about.  As they said in the movie Field of Dreams, "Build it and They will come"!

Network Marketing Without The Sell

Network Marketing - Variety of Ways

Did you ever wonder whether there was an alternative to the high pressure tactics of other network and MLM businesses?

Miessence is about educating people about the potentially harmful toxins in many products that are used every day and providing a truly natural alternative that supports wellbeing, the environment and the world’s organic farmers. Miessence believes business should be about helping customers make an informed decision about the products they buy and use.  They are not about the hard sell.

There are so many networks for marketing, you don't have to go door to door, cold call, hard press family members for home parties or your friends.  You have Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Blogging just to name a few.

Being In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself

Business doesn’t have to be ‘lonely at the top’. If you have ever considered the personal, professional and financial growth of running your own business, then Miessence offers you the opportunity to start a business backed by an established international company that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Network Marketing - Helping Each Other

A Global Community Of Like-Minded People

Miessence is in awe of the calibre of people that attracted to our business. We are a community of high integrity, intelligent, caring, conscientious, cultural creatives! Enjoy the loving communication with our huge network of friends around the world as part of a supportive environment that inspires you to prosper in all areas of your life.

So why Network Marketing or MLM business with Miessence, for me?   I love the Company's ethics, I love the fact that they are transparent in their ingredients and I love the products.  On top of that, the people I work with are great and have been there for me at all times of the day or night......and so very positive! We are a wide range of diversified backgrounds which make for very interesting chat room chatter!

There’s Never Been A Better Time

Are you ready:

• To start your new business?

• To help people who are looking online for certified organic alternatives to the many personal care and household products that they’re using already?

• To be part of a multi-billion dollar international growth industry?

If so, then come work with me! My team is the largest, highest potential income earning group  of the Miessence company. How can you beat this knowledge and support base?

Even if you are still not sure, but want to find out more, that's fine. Any questions you may have can be listed in the "Message" section. As well, we can discuss anything else you have questions about.

There is no pressure.  Why would there be?  If I did and it was not really for you, you would not enjoy it and you would not be happy with it.

However, just know, you don't have to be Techy, a Blogging genius or PhD in organics. I'm certainly not!  This networking business is a learn as you go and we are all there to learn and to help others in anyway we can.

So are you ready for the best Network Marketing or MLM with Miessence experience you could possibly think of?  If so, let me be there for you!